The respect and love for the environment, the human and the traditional peculiarities of our
locus led us to build a special place that makes our vision reality.
Starting from the construction with our green rooftops that are made with stone from Lakkoma village we emphasize on the green of nature.


And we move on …


Clean, healthy and well-adjusted environment for our clients. We induce the balance of nature on our interior. We use exclusively 100% probiotic cleaning products. We distribute to our customers personal hygiene products made with probiotic technology.


Balance of Nature in Our Lifes


We care about recycling. Plastic and paper containers, burned oils/fats/butters, batteries and small electric devices thanks to our collaborations are being disposed in special tanks and proper locations in order to be sent for recycling.


Protect the Enviroment


We apply special information and training programs for the beneficial potentials of using natural products of our place regarding our health and wellness.


Contribute our Region


We apply a special cleaning program that simultaneously nurtures our natural environment.


Sure and efficient organization


Recognizing the great value of technological evolution we use breakthrough programs and techniques regarding the human health and wellness.


And we move on !!