Relaxation & Wellness Resort!

The smell of pine and every aromatic plant of the forest, that tickles your nostrils stimulates the energies of JoySerenityCalmness… Completeness.

The morning birdsinging from each winged creature in the forest awakes you sweetly and calls you to…

Welcome the New Day!!

A wonderful day begins!

An endless snuggle in the wonderful bed linen with the sweetest aura penetrating every space and reaches to you with warmness and a stunning smile…

Each one chooses how to start it!!

Gift Himself the relax Experience

Everyone has the time to gift himself and his loved ones the best relaxation experience!

Sometimes even activation or cure

from a rich variety of treatments and cures…

Gift yourself a Relax moment

Connect With the Sun

A soothing meditation to the sun that rises, with a Freshing dive in the swimming pool after your morning exercise or a revitalizing jogging through paths between the tall trees next to the shore….

Or ”lazy” enjoying your favorite drink…

gets under your skin and blesses every cell of your body…

You Deserve it!

A breakfast

that Satisfies all tastes!

Activities begin..!

Wide variety makes you think that the days won’t be enough to see and enjoy everything!

Don’t worry….whatever you won’t enjoy this time surely you will the next one! Road trips, sea, acquaintances with Greek sites, habits, history…

Discover them

Wonderful Nights!

And the almost constant night breeze, the wonderful full of stars sky!!!

Even if it rains, the blurry sky sends you its own blessing!

it’s Magical..!!



Live the Experience!!

to Relax and enjoy a new experience that will remain unforgettable, Sweet and Dreamy!